Elmo Rietschle expands its product range for maximum customer benefit

The German daughter of Gardner Denver is launching an impressive addition to its existing product range at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE on Stand B60 in Hall 26. A new XD range for heavy duty applications has been added to the claw, rotary vane and screw technologies and the IV range will be launched for low ultimate vacuum models for the rotary vane and screw vacuum pumps.

The vacuum and pressure specialists for industrial processes have acquired an excellent reputation in many decades of successful business dealings with customers around the world from many industries – and they have seen an ever increasing demand for more complex and diversified solutions. One solution for all needs? The engineers in Schopfheim and Bad Neustadt believe that details count and that one product for all no longer satisfies the technical and financial requirements from today’s customers. A change for more application focused machines is the result of this new approach.

XD is the label on the new heavy duty models for the claw, rotary vane and screw machines which are primarily intended for humid processes. They feature protective coating, are resilient to dust and dirt carry-over and are best suited for demanding applications such as extrusion, industrial parts cleaning, meat processing and packaging. They are available with variable speed drive to keep the energy bill low.

HMI 2017 news Machine picture
Above: VLR claw, VSI screw and VC oil-lubircated rotary vane vacuum pumps as heavy duty XD models  

The second novelty by Elmo Rietschle are the IV models for the VC rotary vane and VSI screw vacuum pump models that can achieve vacua of 0.1 mbar. They tolerate high inlet gas temperatures and are especially low noise. The oil change intervals for the rotary vane vacuum pumps are longer than the industry standard.

Lamination of solar panels, heat treatment, oil degasing and freeze drying are typical applications for these special machines as well as lithium-ion-batteries, load lock chambers and coating.

HMI 2017 news Industrial vacuum
Above: VC rotary vane and VSI screw vacuum pumps as IV models 

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Gardner Denver at K 2016 (19 – 26 october 2016):
Proven technology ready for Industry 4.0

Save energy: control vacuum and pressure based on demand

It’s not immediately obvious, but the compressors and vacuum pumps that Elmo Rietschle is exhibiting in Düsseldorf at K 2016 (Hall 10, Booth B27) are ready for Industry 4.0. The proven technology employed in the side-channel blowers and claw vacuum pumps used in material transfer, feed and drying systems in the plastics processing industry includes the latest in sensing technology and frequency-controlled drives. As a result, these components become an integral part of plastic production systems that do not simply process raw material but in fact integrate the resulting product into the communications chain. 

This advance in the design of pressure- and vacuum-generating equipment now allows users to integrate the latest frequency converter technology into their systems, so that side channel blowers (Figures 1 and 2) and claw vacuum pumps (Figures 3 and 4) become compact process-controlled units that achieve high vacuum outputs with low noise levels. These single- and multi-stage pumps can be controlled across wide pressure ranges by supervisory control units on the basis of material- or machine-specific parameters so that they can be used flexibly. The power range of these frequency-controlled, energy-efficient side channel blowers was increased to a peak value of 22 kW.

Side channel blowers

Flexibility, which is so important in the design of industrial systems, is achieved by optionally using decentralized motor / frequency converter combinations or by using frequency converters housed in control cabinets. In this way, economical, high-performance drive solutions are possible – even with standalone frequency converters whose setpoints are entered by means of potentiometers or that are networked using Profibus interfaces.

Claw vacuum pumps

Elmo Rietschle is an integral part of the global Gardner Denver group – an additional advantage when it comes to export-oriented mechanical engineering applications. Its frequency-controlled blowers and vacuum pumps are designed for a wide range of input voltages up to 480 V (+10%) and are certified in compliance with international standards. All frequency converters are CE, UL 508 C and CSA-C22.2 No. 14 approved.

A unit for suction-based automatic materials handling is expected to generate a particular excitement at the show. The unit is equipped with a side-channel blower whose volumetric flow can be controlled so effectively that substantial noise reduction can be achieved, even when plastic granulates like PMMA or PA are being conveyed. This also minimizes the damage to conveying lines caused by abrasive materials.

Energy savings through the use of intelligent frequency converter technology

With real-world solutions and future-oriented concepts like these, Elmo Rietschle is right in step with the new trends emerging at K 2016, which more than ever will feature technology to manage systems in ways that make industrial processes increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly


Gardner Denver at the IFAT 2016 (May 30 - June 3, Munich)

Pressure and vacuum for environmental technology

Gardner Denver is presenting a wide range of technical solutions for generating pressure and vacuums at the IFAT 2016. With an impressive variety of versions, the company is responding to the trend for increasingly smaller batch sizes and to the varied demand for sophisticated energy-saving pumps and compressor technology for stationary and mobile use (Hall A3.237/336 and Hall B5.301). Gardner Denver possesses a vast amount of expertise in fundamental environmental technology with famous global brands CompAir, Elmo Rietschle, Robuschi and Wittig. Internationally, this expertise is put to use in drinking water production, wastewater treatment, sewer cleaning and biogas production as well as recycling waste and reusable materials, with the aim of conserving resources through lower energy use and reducing emissions, with greater efficiency.

Tailor-made products offer great optimisation potential for wastewater treatment plants. The varied Gardner Denver range – which covers low pressure turbo compressors, screw and rotary piston compressors, side channel blowers, rotary vane and claw compressors, and vacuum pumps – provides all the equipment needed to achieve maximum energy efficiency when using different systems in combination.


The claw compressors from Elmo Rietschle cover a volume flow range of 60 to 600 m3/h at a maximum pressure of up to 2.2 bar during continuous operation. The ATEX version of this dry-running, contact-free technology is used in the field of biogas for gas extraction and recirculation in digesters. The side channel blowers from the G-BH2 series represent a new device generation which is characterised by benefits such as reduced life cycle costs and high reliability. Their applications include digester gas and biogas compression as well as generation of blow air in wastewater treatment plants. For example, a bearing change only needs to be carried out after 40,000 operating hours. The compressors operate extremely quietly and can be used worldwide thanks to UL/CSA and IEC/EN certification. Ex versions according to ATEX also feature in the range.


With these Elmo Rietschle side channel blowers, the infinitely variable output control ensures energy-efficient operation and the housing is designed to ensure maximum flexibility for integration into customer-side systems. This series is also characterised by a considerably reduced noise level and compact, easy-to-install dimensions.

With a robust construction, low maintenance and a long service life, the Wittig rotary vanes have become widespread components which work around the clock in wastewater treatment plants, in biogas production and in waste disposal applications. The air-cooled rotary vane compressors, which are lubricated with fresh oil, and have volume flows of 120 to 540 m³/h and a positive operating pressure of up to 2.5 bar (g) are ATEX-certified (II 2G c IIB T2) and are used to compress biogas, landfill gas and digester gas, to name just a few examples.





Jan 18, 2016: Breaking the Ground in Schopfheim 

10 million euro invest currently the biggest within Gardner Denver 

Schopfheim was the scene of a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the construction work for the new factory building at Johann-Sutter-Strasse. Currently there are three different sites at Schopfheim which will be consolidated into one. During a town hall meeting (breakfast for all included) the project team, management, architect and planner as well as a deputee from the city of Schopfheim delivered the first cut of the spade. 


The project covering both the new construction as well as renovating the existing buildings comes in at about 10 million euros – currently the largest investment in the group. 

Friedrich Justen, Managing Director, pointed out that “this is a small step for mankind but a huge leap for Gardner Denver”. Expanding the site at Johann-Sutter-Strasse reminded him of the historic roots of Wittig and Rietschle which go back more than 100 years at the idyllic Black Forest location. 

A 6500 m² production hall with another 800 m² of office space will be built from scratch and the existing buildings will be renovated. These measures also encompass restructuring and reorganizing in many areas. Concentrating all activities at one site will bundle forces and improve our efficiency. 

The inauguration of the new Schopfheim site is planned for late summer in 2016.



Elmo Rietschle at the 2014 BrauBeviale

The BrauBeviale is the world's most important trade fair for the brewery and drinks industry, and the goods and services presented by the exhibitors of this fair cover all steps of drink production. Approximately 37,000 trade visitors from Europe and the world came to let the creative atmosphere of the 2014 BrauBeviale inspire them.

Across eight exhibition halls, around 1,133 exhibitors presented their products, solutions, and trends for manufacturing beer, water, non-alcoholic beverages, liquor, wine and sparkling wine, as well as dairy products. Beverage manufacturers are tasked with increasing energy efficiency and quality assurance on all production levels. From November 11th through the 13th at the Nuremberg BrauBeviale, the Gardner Denver product brands CompAir and Elmo Rietschle demonstrated how innovative vacuum and compressor technology could contribute to these goals.

International exchange of experiences within the Gardner Denver group and system-neutral consultation enable us to provide the beverage industry and filling technology with new stimulus and decrease resource consumption in a lasting way. The Brau was a huge success. In comparison to 2012, the number of trade visitors doubled.

Contacts are the foundation of successful cooperation aimed at effectively implementing joint projects. As a special attraction, Gardner Denver involved Zwiesel's master engraver, Gerhard Lorzen, in their BrauBeviale exhibition. He created unique beer glasses for visitors — a service that was met with lively interest.

Exhibition Stand Impressions:

Brau 2014 Bild 1
Brau 2014 picture 2
Brau 2014 picture 3


News 2013  

Elmo Rietschle at K 2013 – October 16th-23rd

Energy-efficient solutions from Elmo Rietschle that conserve resources and speed up processes were the focal point of our booth at the K in Düsseldorf. With the new claw vacuum pump and both side channel G-BH2 and G-BH8 compressor series, we were able to present innovative and customer-oriented machines for the most important applications, such as pneumatic conveyance and drying; all were met with great public interest. Our new frequency converter was also presented to the public for the first time.

Approximately 218,000 industry professionals from more than 120 countries attended the trade show. Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, Chairman of the Board for Messe Düsseldorf, and his team are thrilled with the excellent response: "Once again, it was quite clear: The K is and shall remain the most important event in the plastics and rubber industry. Completely new technologies and materials are presented alongside advances in engineering, and this is where such innovations are ordered. The international K 2103 visitors, in particular, demonstrated an exceptional willingness to invest; half came to Düsseldorf with concrete purchasing intentions.

Booth Impressions:

k2013 bild 1 kl
k2013 bild 2 kl
k 2013 bild 4 kl


Elmo Rietschle at "parts2clean" – October 22nd-24th, 2013

October 22nd to 24th, 2013, the international flagship trade show for cleaning in production and maintenance, parts2clean, took place on the trade show grounds in Stuttgart. Gardner Denver introduced products and solutions for vacuum drying. In addition to side channel blowers and rotary slide valve vacuum pumps, the screw vacuum pump was also presented as a technology of the future. In particular, there was a great deal of interest in the new circulation cooling system for screw vacuum pumps, a show novelty.


  • This new version enables the use of screw vacuum pumps even in locations where no coolant is available.
  • This enables replacing an oil-lubricated rotary slide valve vacuum pump to supply coolant with no additional investment.
  • All the advantages of an oil-free screw vacuum pump can now be used in a plug-and-play version, allowing for more application possibilities for this innovative technology.
  • The higher initial costs are recouped in 2-3 years, depending on operating conditions, through the savings in maintenance service costs for oil-lubricated rotary slide valve vacuum pumps.

At parts2clean, notable automobile and machine manufacturers were already planning on incorporating the new circulatory cooling system in new plants.

Booth Impressions:

Elmo Rietschle parts2clean 2013 pic 1 small
Elmo Rietschle parts2clean 2013 pic 2 small
Elmo Rietschle parts2clean 2013 pic 3 small
Elmo Rietschle parts2clean 2013 pic 4 small Elmo Rietschle parts2clean 2013 pic 5 small Elmo Rietschle parts2clean 2013 pic 7 small

Last months' News:

Hannover Messe 8.-12. April 2013:

Gardner Denver sends a powerful message to the markets at the world’s largest industrial fair in Hanover, Germany Lead theme: “Your Ultimate Source for Vacuum and Pressure”

For the first time Gardner Denver exhibited twelve of its group brands together and launched its new customer commitment to provide the ultimate source for vacuum and pressure.

GD HMI 2013 pic 1 GD HMI 2013 pic 2 GD HMI 2013 pic 3

By combining the product and application expertise of representatives from across the globe, Gardner Denver this year presented the widest choice of products and technologies available to industry today, covering all vacuum pump and compressed air requirements.

Experts from each of the company’s equipment brands were there on a joint stand, with a total floor space of 340m2, to offer advice on the best solutions for any application, selecting from a portfolio of several hundred individual products and a wide range of bespoke packages.

The design concept allowed for all of the brands to present themselves individually with their own identity. Since traffic areas and others like reception, kitchen, and meeting rooms were shared, this type of combined exhibit also made good financial sense.

GD HMI 2013 pic 4 GD HMI 2013 pic 5 GD HMI 2013 pic 3

The Gardner Denver brands presented their products and services in the areas of "Smart Efficiency", discussions proved both interesting and very promising.

“ComVac 2013 was an ideal platform for the presentation of our strategy ultimate source for vacuum and pressure, our innovations and sustainable solutions for all applications. We recognized a massive interest by visitors on our complete and unique range of products." noted Harald Haerter, Director Sales IPGE Region 3. "Thank you to our marketing team, they did a great job before, during and after the fair.”

Michael Larsen and Vince Trupiano also took the opportunity to receive product presentations from our specialists, first hand.

Well over 230,000 visitors attended HANNOVER MESSE 2013 which, compared with the previous fair, represents a growth of between 10 and 15%. Roughly 60,000 visitors came from abroad, which is over a third more than in 2011 and every third visitor was a member of senior management, 20% more than in the previous Messe.   


S-VSI : Innovation in Screw Vacuum Pumps 2012 
Listen to the Sound of Silence: The lowest noise level we ever had


The S-VSI 300 offers all advantages of our dry running S-VSI Screw Vacuum Pumps, such as

  • Oil-free exhaust air
  • Superior suction capacity and shorter evacuation times
  • Speed control options (variable frequency drive)
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Reduced time needed for drying

    ... at a very low noise level.


New Claw Vacuum Pump C-VLR 301 ZEPHYR 
Low Noise and Efficient

Our newly designed VLR 301 claw vacuum pumps have overcome the one drawback typically associated with this technology - a rather high noise level. This now no longer holds true.
With its 74 dB(A) at 400 mbar (abs.), the VLR 301 is clearly better than other machines.

The VLR 301 is rated standard for a 150* mbar (abs.) end vacuum. Its new design yields an excellent efficiency rate of 60.3 %.

With a length of 1,093 mm and a width of 491 mm, the new VLR 301 has the smallest footprint in its class. In addition to making this pump as compact as possible our engineers paid special attention to ensure that all parts are easy to access from outside.

For more information, please click here to download the product flyer.





Half as large and twice as strong: Elmo Rietschle introduces pioneering innovation for pressure and vacuum applications

The demands of the vacuum pump and compressor market are simple: energy efficiency, space-saving design, low noise and minimum maintenance costs. Elmo Rietschle’s G-BH8 sets new standards in all of these areas.

  • Energy-saving operation through higher efficiency
  • Variable electronic speed control
  • Low sound pressure level
  • Compact design and low weight
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Pulsation-free compression 

Forget everything you learned about side-channel blowers. The new G-BH8 vacuum pumps and compressors from innovation leader Elmo Rietschle set totally new standards for this technology. Just what you expect from the world’s market leader.

Using only one compressor stage, the G-BH8 achieves volumetric flows up to 950 m³/h and differential pressures from −550 mbar to +720 mbar. 
G-BH8_Bild1 engl.

Half as large - twice as strong
Compared with machines of a similar size, the G-BH8 offers nearly twice the maximum volumetric flow. Weight is cut by more than half compared with machines offering comparable volumetric flows. This compact design offers powerful advantages when installed in existing equipment and systems.

G-BH8_Bild2 engl.

Half as loud
Through CFD (computational fluid design) and the systematic use of materials like those from aerospace applications, the maximum sound pressure level is reduced to 77 dB(A). In addition, significant improvements in subjective noise perception have been achieved by reducing particularly high noise levels in specific tonal ranges. As a result, human beings subjectively experience the noise generated by the G-BH8 as being about “half as loud."

Premium Efficiency
With only one compressor stage, the G-BH8 sets new standards for efficiency. Needless to say, the motors used in the G-BH8 meet the IE2 standard. Much higher savings can be achieved via rpm-controlled operation, for example for variable control of volumetric flow or pressure.

Easy integration into existing equipment configurations

Another important advantage of using the G-BH8 is that it is easy to integrate into machines and systems, even existing ones. This shrinks space requirements and minimizes pressure losses in piping. 

The engineering characteristics of the G-BH8 open up a wide range of potential applications, even in areas where other technologies were previously used. Possible applications include: basin aeration in water and sewer treatment, pneumatic conveying systems, milking systems, pressure machines and granulate dryers.

Life Cycle Champion
Elmo Rietschle is continuously developing and improving its products to achieve ever higher energy efficiency and sustainability. This makes them much more cost-efficient over their entire life cycle compared with technologies that tout lower purchase prices but lead to higher operating costs. The “Life Cycle Champion” label is therefore used to identify machines that optimally combine environmental awareness and the customer’s needs for economical operation. 
G-BH8_Bild 3

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Elmo Rietschle introduces dry screw vacuum pump for food packaging - and puts an end to staggering life cycle costs you're used to with oil lubricated rotary vane pumps!    

Have you ever calculated how much you pay per year on service costs for your oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump, the kind of pump that currently dominates the market in the food processing industry? In a typical protective-gas application, average maintenance costs of € 2,000 are incurred at least every 2,500 operating hours. The reason: up to 8 liters of special oil are required per maintenance. Including the admittedly moderate purchase price of such units, this results in life cycle cost of about € 30,000 over a 4-year period. Not exactly small change. But totally avoidable!


Save up to 16,000 Euro over four years  
Although its purchase price is somewhat higher, the Elmo Rietschle VSI screw vacuum pump has a payback of less than 12 months in oxygen applications. And thanks to the pump’s much lower maintenance costs and our FLAIR flat rate, the next three years only add about € 3,500 to the total. That's because FLAIR, the all-inclusive care-free service package, includes

    • all necessary maintenance work
    • all wear parts and consumables
    • no additional costs for repairs
    • a replacement pump delivered within 24 hours, with shipping costs covered

For the user this means absolute cost certainty. A budget item you can rely on, and operation you can depend on. And Elmo Rietschle does not subject the user to special terms and conditions. So it does not matter how many shifts or operating hours per year are being run, or whether who knows what is being processed. 

Better performance, no oil, longer shelf life for your products
The VSI 300 not only makes sense in terms of cost. This cutting-edge food packaging technology also offers enormous environmental and hygiene advantages. No more oil mist, no more having to dispose of old oil. Plus: lower power consumption, and optional efficiency-class 1 motors. Sustainability that really pays off.

    • Dry, contact free compression
    • Oil free discharge air
    • Maintenance is limited to changing the oil (1.8 liter) in the gear and bearings
    • No lubricant in the suction chamber
    • Water cooled: low heat generation in the production area
    • Connection to existing water circuits is possible
    • Superior suction at 1 to 100 mbar
    • Shorter evacuation times
    • Final vacuum < 0.1 mbar (absolute)
    • High water vapor compatibility
    • Variable speed drive option (frequency converter)

Screw vacuum pump can replace two, sometimes three "old" vacuum pumps
This screw vacuum pump can also be used for other processes in the food packaging industry in addition to oxygen applications. In skin & shrink applications the pump has a further advantage that has enormous impact on cost - when the screw pump is used to produce a vacuum in such applications, it achieves cycle times and efficiencies that otherwise are only possible when rotary lobe pumps are used in tandem with rotary vane pumps.

Come and see for yourself
Even though rotary screw vacuum pumps featuring FLAIR will not be officially launched until the Frankfurt IFFA in May, major companies in the meat processing industry have already been testing this pump for quite some time. And then buying it! The screw vacuum pump is also a convincing alternative in challenging applications where oil lubricated rotary vane pumps do not provide adequate performance.

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Allrounder at top price - redesigned dry running rotary vane vacuum pump!   

This proven range V-VTN/DTN/KTN of dry running rotary vanes has undergone a complete redesign and is more convincing than ever.    

Robust und innovative 
The housing now is made of a one-piece plastic element that is extremely stable and offers improved noise reduction. The interaction between the machine‘s different components has been optimised for a longer vane life. Since the purchasing price of the redesigned pump stays the same, these reliable vacuum pumps and compressors offer a clear reduction in life cycle costs.

Efficient and reliable   
Under its robust and easy-to-handle cover these pumps offer major advantages to the user: 

  • Noise level reduced by 3 db(A)
  • Easy access to change filter
  • Long vane life
  • Lower temperature due to the new cooling system  

This low noise, dry running allrounder with flexible connections will find its place virtually anywhere. It emits less heat due to the new cooling system and its cover protects the user from accidentally touching a hot surface. The V-VTN, V-KTN and V-DTN range of rotary vane pumps and compressors is used in a large variety of applications with dry, non-aggressive gases – the printing industry and vacuum packaging being typical examples.

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