Case Studies

Gardner Denver Japan has been supplying a wide range of industries with vacuum and pressure products and system solutions. We do more than just supply products – we study your needs and requirements and engineer customised solutions to best fit your applications. Many years of working in this field have formed an exceptional team of vacuum and pressure experts. We also have a strong system of after-sales service packages.
Here are the main industries we have been working with:

  • Car making
  • Food packaging
  • Forming
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Wood curving tables
  • Central vacuum


私たちは、単に製品をご提供させていただいてるだけではなく、お客様のご要望を伺い、ご用途に最適なソリューションをご提案させていただきます。 フィールドでの幾年に渡る経験を持つ真空・圧力のエキスパートチームを持っております。 また、私たちは、アフターセールスサービスもご提供しております。


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