Case Studies

Hospital Vacuum System

We got an inquiry from a Chinese Hospital asking for a vacuum system in his high pressure medical treatment centre. He wanted to use a vacuum system to simulate the condition at high altitude and let patient get the treatment at such condition. He asked for a wide range of operating vacuum levels, therefore liquid ring vacuum pump would be his first choice at the beginning stage. Our sales team proposed a combination of one set of Rotary Vane plus one set of Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps VLR 500 as the best solution. If rough vacuum condition is required, V-VLR 500 will run by itself only, but if the required vacuum level is increased, the duty will shift to the C-VC 500. The hospital was very satisfied with this proposal because it eliminated the problem of polluted water coming out from the pump. 




Electronics Industry

We got this inquiry from SMIC asking for a vacuum system for lifting up wafers to a defined position. SMIC had a preference to use Sullair and Quincy Oil Screw Vacuum Pump at that time because SMIC thought that the screw type was the best design principle for vacuum pumps. They paid key attention to the reliability of the pump they wanted to install. Our sales team recommended the Twister S-VSA 400 and SMIC was very satisfied with its  dry running principle. So far, we have supplied over 20 sets of Twister screw vacuum pumps to SMIC plants at Shanghai and Chengdu.


我们获得一个来自上海中芯国际的询价,他们需求真空系统用在他们的晶圆搬运生产线上。中芯国际原来偏向于寿力和昆西油式螺杆真空泵,因为中芯国际认为螺杆型的真空泵是最理想的设计,他们主要关注的是泵的可靠性。我们的工程师给他们推荐Twister S-VSA400,中芯国际很满意它的干式设计原理。到现在为止,我们一共向中芯国际上海和成都厂提供超过20台Twister螺杆泵。


Tobacco Manufacturing

We got an inquiry from the Shanghai Tobacco Factory asking for a vacuum system to replace its existing locally made liquid ring vacuum pump system which had been in use for more than 10 years. Shanghai Tobacco Factory originally wanted an  imported liquid ring vacuum pump. Our sales team then recommended our V-VC1300 which is an oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump. Shanghai Tobacco Factory was amazed with such design principle and realized that the costly problem of handling the waste water coming out from the liquid ring vacuum pump would be eliminated. We finally got an order for 6 sets of V-VC1300 plus a very sopisticated control because we offered him a total solution. 



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