Launching the Revolutionary New VELOCIS Side Channel Blower

Elmo Rietschle has launched a revolutionary side channel blower that will open a new dimension in this technology. Based on the industry‘s technical requirements familiar to us from our day to day work with our customers, our R&D engineers freed themselves from old ways of thinking, developing a completely new concept.

  • Highest blower efficiency
  • Optimal motor efficiency with Eff 1 quality motors
  • Unrivalled reliability and robustness
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • 40,000 operating hours

Innovative solutions

 Whether a customer wants to pneumatically convey bulk material, aerate waste water or industrial baths, clamp or handle workpieces of any type, absorb industrial waste or create completely new, innovative processes – the Elmo Rietschle VELOCIS G-BH2 may well be the solution.

New fields of applications

With its significantly expanded range of performance, the side channel technique can now be used in completely new fields of application that were previously inconceivable. Even if you have primarily used roots pumps, claw pumps or dry running rotary vanes until now, our application specialists will be happy to explain how you can use the benefits of this revolutionary side channel blower to your advantage.

  • Wear-free
  • Low operating and energy costs
  • Extremely smooth running
  • Very low noise level reduced up to 50% as a result of sound engineering
  • Dust and lint resistant
  • Pulsation-free
  • 50/60 Hz voltage range motors
  • 40,000 operating hours

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Elmo Rietschle 已经投放一款创新型的侧流式风机,它将在这个技术领域开启一种新的规格。基于长期与客户精诚合作,我们的研发工程师熟知业界的技术需求, 从而跳出传统思维,开发出一种完全新的理念产品。

  • 最高效能的风机
  • 采用高效、质量上乘的电动机,优化其效率
  • 无与伦比的可靠性和坚固性
  • 超静音运行
  • 4万小时连续运行



无论客户想要用气体输送散装货物、爆气或酸洗、提物或操作各种类型的工件、回收工业废水,还是希望创新的全新处理方法– Elmo Rietschle VELOCIS G-BH2 都是你的合适之选。




  • 无磨损
  • 低运行和能耗成本
  • 超平稳运行
  • 采用新的降噪工程技术使噪音水平降低50%
  • 防灰尘和防纤维脱落
  • 无震动
  • 50/60Hz 马达电压范围
  • 4万小时连续运行


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