Hong Kong

Lifting and Clamping

A major, Malaysian based, manufacturer of computer hard disc drive components was using compressed air driven venture devices to generate vacuum for a very large number of lifting and clamping fixtures. A 374 kW compressor was used to drive each test cell with 44 fixtures. Multiple test cells were in use.

Their requirement was to increase the vacuum level to generate greater clamping forces and allow the test fixtures to run at higher speed to be compatible with new hard disc designs.

Gardner Denver Hong Kong responded with a visit within 24 hours of receiving the enquiry and made a site survey after discussing the requirements with the project team. It rapidly became clear that huge power savings were possible while also meeting the requirement for higher vacuum levels.

Each 374 kW compressor could be replaced by 3 V-VC 1300, 30 kW oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. As these are designed as vacuum pumps they are much more efficient than using compressed air and venture devices to do the same job. As the factory works 8,000 hours a year this resulted in a saving of 2,272,000 kW hrs worth over US $ 136,000 p.a.

An order for 12 V-VC 1300’s to drive 4 production cells was placed. This generated an annual saving of over US $ 545,000 which allowed a payback period of less than 1 year.

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