The Frequency Converter: A drive with new dimensions


  • Expanded performance range to 22 kW (motor integrated)
  • Integrated potentiometer
  • ProfiBus/CANopen/ProfiNET/Sercos3 available
  • Operable without limitation from 380V to 480V input voltage
  • Manual controller with plain text screen/USB adapter
  • Language packages available
  • Free PC Software kostenlos
  • Wall mount (no cabinet needed)
Spec sheets, user guides, and software available hier  
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 C-VLR 301 Zephyr

Quiet and powerful: our new claw vacuum pump

The demands on vacuum manufacturers are clearly defined in the modern production environment:

  •  Low noise level
  •  High energy efficiency
  •  Compact design

The new VLR 301 meets all of these demands.

A sound pressure level of 74 dB(A)

The newly developed VLR 301 claw vacuum pump has eliminated previous limitations for this technology, namely sound pressure levels that were frequently considered too loud. Loud is passé. With 74 dB(A) at 400 mbar (abs.), the VLR 301 is definitively better than its peers.

150 mbar (abs.) final vacuum with a 5.5 kW motor

The VLR 301 achieves a standard final vacuum of 150* mbar (abs.). Installed motor output is 5.5 kW (50 Hz) and 6.5 kW (60 Hz), thereby offering markedly lower energy costs than its competitors. The efficiency of this component interaction is a remarkable 60.3%.

Small dimensions

At 1,093 mm long and 491 mm wide, the new VLR 301 has the smallest footprint for its size class. In addition to smaller dimensions, our designers also focused on optimizing the accessibility of individual components.




Performance data - click to enlarge: 

C-VLR301 Leistungsdaten klein

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C-VLR 1000 Zephyr

Largest claw vacuum pump worldwide with more than 1,000 m³/h  

The C-VLR 1000 ZEPHYR, the world’s largest claw vacuum pump, with a rated pumping flow of up to 1,200 m³/h, is a further example of our steadily increasing technical market leadership.

Key cost advantages

In comparison to numerous parallel operated vacuum pumps, implementation of this new size yields distinct cost advantages:

  • Lower purchase price
  • Distinctly lower installation effort
  • All bearings are lubricated and the b-side requires no lubrication – in other words, lower maintenance costs

Diverse applications

  • Woodworking
  • Medical technology
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Pick and Place
  • Pneumatic conveyance
  • Environmental technology
  • Central vacuum supply
  Photo C-VLR 1000 Zephyr

Performance data - click to enlarge: 

C-VLR1000 Leistungsdaten klein

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Maximum volume flow rate with high vacuum  

Technical market leadership is a fundamental element of our corporate philosophy—and with our new S-VSI TWISTER screw vacuum pump we prove this claim once again.

The optimized screw profile delivers both a high degree of efficiency and a final vacuum below 0.1 mbar (abs.) maximum volume flow rate at high vacuum levels.

Robust, durable construction  

Longevity and easy maintenance as well as high steam and fluid tolerance are essential characteristics of this design principle. The pumps operate quietly and with minimal vibration.

Diverse applications

The S-VSI TWISTER is suited for use in numerous applications in the most varied of industrial tasks, where clean, oil-free vacuuming is required. It can also be used as a booster pump in tailored vacuum systems to achieve higher suction capability. The series is especially suited to industrial applications in packaging, drying, and coating, as well as with industrial ovens. Solar module manufacturing represents yet another important field of application.



  Photo S-VSI 300 Twister

Performance data - click to enlarge: 

S-VSI 300 Leistungsdaten klein

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Maximum power in the smallest space —
65% lighter, 40% smaller

In most applications, side channel blowers are integrated into larger machines or systems in order to produce the necessary suction or pressure for a given process. Available space is scarce.

The Elmo Rietschle G-BH8 side channel blower was optimized using the newest technology, such as CFD (computational fluid dynamics), in order to achieve continuous pressurization. In comparison to typical blowers in the same power class, the G-BH8 is approximately 65% lighter and requires 40% less space.

Sustainable and efficient

The conceptualization of the G-BH8 focused on a need for conservative use of resources. The result: The new side channel blower offers the highest energy efficiency by markedly increasing its efficacy.

  Photo G-BH8

Performance data - click to enlarge: 

G-BH8 Leistungdaten klein

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