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Gardner Denver and its Brands 


Gardner Denver is proud of its heritage, with millions of products installed around the world and product lines more than one hundred years old. Throughout its history, Gardner Denver has made strategic acquisitions enabling it to grow and expand into new markets. Many of these acquired companies had built solid reputations in their specific markets. Gardner Denver has preserved their equity in the world marketplace, while establishing them as brands within the Gardner Denver family.

The original Gardner Denver brand is the largest in the family, with products ranging from blowers and compressors to high pressure water jetting systems and petroleum drilling and well servicing pumps.

The Champion brand retains the legacy of Champion Air Compressors founded in 1919. Having designed the first two-stage compressor for the small compressor market, Champion maintains its innovative tradition. Champion reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors continue to provide the world with quality and value.

The Emco Wheaton brand was derived from a 2004 acquisition, introducing new product lines to Gardner Denver’s Fluid Transfer Division. As a leading provider of solutions for bulk storage and the transfer of hazardous gasses and liquids, Emco Wheaton manufactures loading arms, storage tank equipment and fuel systems for marine, road, rail, storage and aviation industries.

The Nash brand of Gardner Denver is the world’s largest manufacturer of liquid ring pumps, as well as the inventor of the "liquid ring" principle. With manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, South America and China, Nash is able to provide reliable, efficient pumps to many industries around the world including pulp and paper, oil and gas, mining, chemical and electric power.

Gardner Denver’s addition of the Thomas brand included precision-engineered pumps and compressors in growth industries uncommon to the rest of Gardner Denver. This diversity also added to the company’s manufacturing base and provided new sales channels and a strong focus on original equipment manufacturers. Thomas also manufactures tank mounted air compressors for the construction industry under the brand names Ultra Air-Pac and Renegade and aspirators and nebulizers under the brand name Medi-Pump. Together, the Gardner Denver family is well positioned to continue to provide the world with high quality, cost-effective equipment and services.

In addition to Gardner Denver’s major brands, we also support many well-known product lines as part of the Gardner Denver brand. We offer these under their original names for our customers’ convenience.





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