L-Series L Series BlowersLiquid Ring

Operating Principle L-Series

Compression in L-Series pumps follows the liquid ring principle

The impeller is the only moving part inside the pump. It rotates without contact within the pump casing. A rotating liquid ring seals the impeller on the front and seals its blades against one another. In order to keep the liquid ring stable, liquid is also permanently sucked into the compression chamber and is output together with the conveyed gas.

The excentrical arrangement of the impeller within the casing creates variable compression chambers between the impeller blades during rotation, which causes the conveyed gas to be compressed within a full revolution.Since the pumps always create a pressure difference during operation, they can also be used as compressors when pumping gas from the surrounding atmosphere.

The L-BV product line features a patented discharge-air cooling system which returns the condensate to the operating liquid.