X-Series X Series BlowersSystems

Operating Principle X-Series Wittig

Vanes separating the crescent-shaped working space into cells of varying volume are pressed outwards against the wall of the compression space by the air being handled and centrifugal forces. The air is drawn in, compressed and discharged.

At the same time, the rotating vanes have a sealing function: While they are pressed towards the wall by mass and centrifugal forces, the pressure – from the rotor slot under the vane – provides a constant efficient seal. This is called active sealing, similar to the spring bias of a piston ring.

The essential feature of this principle is that the vane has no direct contact with the compressor housing. Instead, it moves on a hydrodynamic film. The oil is thrown against the compressor housing and forms a cushion of oil in front of the vane. This creates a dynamic lubricating film which prevents contact between the housing and the vanes (aquaplaning effect). As a result no wear occurs.